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For every diabetic patient, it is always important to take proper care of foot otherwise it can be a very serious issue. Diabetes is one of the major health related issues and it is getting very common in all the countries. There are a large number of people facing the health issue of diabetes in Toronto, Canada. Almost every health expert will recommend taking proper care of foot during the problem of diabetes for the patient. If you are also searching for help for the diabetic foot care in Toronto, Canada, you just need to get these services with the professionals of Canadian Central Home Health Care.

We are professionals to offer home foot care solutions for all the diabetic patients in Toronto, Canada. With the help of this high quality equipment, you will be able to take proper care of Diabetic foot at your home. You don’t need to waste your time and money on various kinds of products for foot care in  Markham, North York, Toronto, Canada because these experts are able to recommend the best foot care supplies and medical equipment for it.

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CCHHC provides professional foot care services in Markham, North York, Toronto Canada to the patient at home:​

About US

Feet are the foundation of people’s mobility.

For seniors or people who has special health conditions such as diabetes. Receiving regular foot hygiene and foot care may turn into a very critical issue. Because If people do not pay attention to any these problems raised from feet, which may compromise our ability to walk, work, do chores and engage in recreational activities, ultimately lead to affecting one’s independence.

CCHHC nurses is an experienced and professional team have been trained in advanced foot care. They are recruited for their ability to provide Foot Care to fix any immediate issues with your feet and help keep pain to a minimum.

We provide the following services:

  • A nursing assessment to identify any foot problems

  • Identification of your risk factors and educate on proper foot care

  • Nail cutting & Ingrown toenail care

  • Corn and callous care

  • Foot massages to encourage circulation

  • Referrals to appropriate resources in your community if more specialized treatments needed

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