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CCHHC follows the requirement of the Ministry that all foot care instruments must be sterilized by autoclave. Disinfection and Sterilization of Medical Equipment/Devices is very important to prevent cross-contamination of the disease. Our nursing foot care is a clean procedure; therefore, the instruments used are required to be sterile. Each client of CCHHC can rest assured that the set of instruments used for their foot care has not been used on anyone else that day. ​

Home Health Care & Foot Care Services Toronto, Canada

Canadian Central Home Health is trustworthy diabetic foot clinic in Toronto, Canada. We provide professional foot care services to the patient at home:​

  • Diabetic Foot Care Services

  • Ingrown Toenails

  • Thickened Toenails & Toenail Fungus

  • Corns & Callus

  • Other Advanced Nursing Foot Care

  • Home Foot Care Services For Seniors 

  • Nursing Visits

  • Specialist Services

  • Foot care Supplies

In the cases of diabetes, there may be various kinds of serious consequences for the patient. If we talk about some of the common serious issues in Diabetic patients, there can be various kinds of serious foot problems. If the problem of diabetes is out of control in a patient, these problems can become extremely serious quickly. It is very important to recognize and treat these foot problems at right time to avoid the serious complications.

Are you looking for services of the best health professionals for diabetic foot care in North York, Canada? Now, you don’t have to worry about the complete care of any diabetic patient at your home because you will get the best health solutions with Canadian Central Home Health Care. We are working as the best professionals who are able to provide proper Diabetic foot care services for the patients at home. There are some of the good reasons to prefer our services for the care of any diabetic patient at your home:

Routine checkup of the patient:

Our professionals will make a visit to a home for a routine checkup of feet of the diabetic patient. A routine checkup is always essential to diagnose and treat any kind of issue before it gets serious for the diabetic patient.

Proper care of Diabetic foot:

We are able to provide proper care of feet of every diabetic patient in North York, Toronto ,Canada. Whether it is about proper cleaning, moisturization, sterilizing or toenail trimming, we will provide all in one solution with these home health care services Toronto, Canada for every patient.

If you contact us for these home diabetic foot care services for any senior patient in North York,Canada, we will also provide the best foot care supply for extra care of the patient. It will be very beneficial for proper care of foot to prevent serious issues for the patient.